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Forum of Ex-child Scientists, West Bengal

Vigyan Prasar

The first National Children’s Science Congress (NCSC) was held in Delhi in 1993. The 25th NCSC shall happen in 2017. In between there is a long history of twenty-five years. It is estimated over 700 child scientists from West Bengal alone have participated at those NCSCs. Some of them are now firmly placed in different professions, like physicians, engineers, professors, researchers, teachers, even bureaucrats. Some of them are yet students who are pursuing their studies in schools, colleges, universities. We feel, to quote from the Bible of NCSC, the Activity Guide, they were “to exhibit their creativity and innovativeness and more particularly their ability to solve a societal problem, experienced locally using the method of science”. The present day of those Ex-child Scientists, of a professional or of a student, or even of a home maker often push them before ‘societal problem’ and want them to solve by ‘using method of science’.

We request ALL Ex- Child Scientists, residing in West Bengal or in other state of this country and abroad to join hand and give the program a big leap to serve as a role model to the upcoming and budding scientists. In this way, we feel that the Olympian torch would be handed down the line to a myriad of Prometheus who would refuse to succumb to superstitions. As a first step to this on-going March of humanity, please join our effort to form a Forum of Ex-Child Scientists of this State. In this era of virtual world, we do not intend to pry upon your precious time, but as a mentor to your formative years, might we demand twenty minutes, just twenty minutes, of your quality time per day for the coming six months or so for shaping up the baby, waiting to be born with a big bang.

[Please contact at: kolkata.scf@gmail.com Office telephone 91-33-2430-6446, Post: 5 Dabur Park, Raja S. C. Mallick Road. Gangulibagan, Kolkata 700084, INDIA]